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Join Melvin and his friends as they go on many different adventures together. You'll never know what they may come up against but in true fashion, they will get through it all together. 

Melvin Learns How To Code

In Melvin Learns To Code Melvin and his friends return from Summer camp excited about the new activities they did while there. While at camp Melvin learned about the term "Coding". He and his friends were introduced to this term during one of their STEM sessions. So he couldn't wait to get back home and explain to his mother what it meant. Once back home he wanted to see if the recreation center offered the same type of classes, to his surprise they do. Now Melvin and his friends can take what they learned at camp and learn even more. Who knows maybe they just might create the next big game or app.

Melvin Learns How To Swim

This book tells a story about Melvin wanting to learn how to swim. His mother finds a summer camp she wants him to attend but she would feel much better if he knew how to swim. However, will it be that easy for him and his friends to learn? 

Melvin Goes To The Ballpark

This book tells a story about Melvin, an inner-city child, who has many different adventures.  In this particular story, Melvin and a group of his friends head to the neighborhood baseball field where they are approached by some kids bigger and possibly better than them.  However, Melvin and his friends don't allow that to get to them.  They end up playing the kids and during that time, they learn some valuable lessons on sportsmanship and making the right decisions.

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